#12 Best Helmets for Vespa 2023

Hello vintage Vespa riders! If you are looking for the best helmets for riding a Vespa scooter, here they are!

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Just imagine, you riding a Vespa scooter on a deserted street, on a weed road, or on a country road in Italy, it’s really fun. Although Vespa is known as a slow rider scooter, you still have to ride a Vespa according to safety protocols, one of which is to use a helmet that is safe, but still stylish. In this article, we will mention the best helmets for Vespa riding, from full face, half face, retro and vintage helmets, to safety helmets in case you want to take your Vespa for touring with your club.

As a motorcycle rider, you should always prioritize safety, and there is no better way to do so than by wearing a high-quality helmet. But, c’mon, who are we kidding? Aside from that, you’ll need a helmet that makes you appear stylish, particularly if you’re riding a Vespa! Riding a Vespa while wearing a large and sophisticated full-face helmet would appear pretty strange.

Aside from providing excellent safety, the helmet should also be visually appealing and complement the style of your Vespa! There are several alternatives available, ranging from those with a bright hue to those with a vintage style. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re searching for a helmet (or two) for yourself! Prepare to be amazed as we reveal the greatest helmets for Vespa riders available on the market today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What build material to pick the best helmets for Vespa?

To ensure your safety, make sure the finest helmets for Vespa riders you’re going to purchase are composed of the most durable material available. The majority of them are typically composed of ABS plastic, which provides the finest impact protection. Polycarbonate plastic is another viable choice. Another excellent material is EPS foam liner, which is both cushiony and lightweight.

Does breathability should be featured on a good Vespa helmet?

A poorly ventilated helmet will feel quite suffocating. The finest Vespa helmets will include a ventilation system at the top, rear, and sides of the construction to increase airflow and keep your head cool while riding.

What to look for on a good Vespa helmet?

To obtain the finest experience, seek for a helmet with thick padding for additional comfort and the ability to protect your head from impact. More significantly, it should provide you with a snug and secure fit. If at all possible, choose one that is light, since heavier ones may strain your neck.

How much is the average price of best helmet for Vespa?

Of course, there are a huge number of Vespa helmets available at various pricing points. When shopping for the best Vespa helmets, though, keep a certain budget in mind. That way, you won’t go overboard with your spending. Don’t worry if you’re on a limited budget; there are numerous inexpensive helmets available that are just as excellent as the pricey ones. Yes, we have several of them on our list!

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Name Rank Check Prices
Bonanza 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet Biltwell
Bonanza 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet
#1 Amazon Biltwellinc.com eBay
Custom 500 Helmet BELL
Custom 500 Helmet
#2 Amazon Bellhelmets.com eBay
Half Size Warrior Vega Helmets
Vega Helmets
Half Size Warrior
#3 Amazon Vegahelmet.com eBay
Motorcycle Half Helmet  VCOROS
Motorcycle Half Helmet
#4 Amazon eBay
NTNK N325 Mono Open-Face-Helmet  SOXON
NTNK N325 Mono Open-Face-Helmet
#5 Amazon eBay
T1 Full face Helmet TORC
T1 Full face Helmet
#6 Amazon Torchelmets.com eBay
Route 66 Helmet TORC
Route 66 Helmet
#7 Amazon eBay
RUN-C Half Face Helmet AHR
RUN-C Half Face Helmet
#8 Amazon Walmart.com eBay
20 Motorcycle Open MMG
20 Motorcycle Open
#9 Amazon Walmart.com eBay
8529-224 Vintage Scooter Helmet  Vega Helmets
Vega Helmets
8529-224 Vintage Scooter Helmet
#10 Amazon eBay
YM-627 Open Face Helmet Yema
YM-627 Open Face Helmet
#11 Amazon Ymhelmet.com eBay
Open Face Spitfire Helmet  LS2
Open Face Spitfire Helmet
#12 Amazon eBay

12 List of Best Helmets for Vespa

  • Biltwell Bonanza 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet
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    Biltwell Bonanza 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet

    Trendy retro helmet with total safety features!

    3  readers vote

    The Bonanza 3/4 vespa helmet is classic in style, yet despite its low-profile ABS shell, this well-made lid is DOT-approved without making the user appear like The Great Gazoo. The inside of the Biltwell Bonanza helmet is designed with a custom-shaped EPS safety shell and a hand-stitched lining, as well as moisture-wicking Lycra panels and foam cushioning for ventilation and comfort.

    The tough nylon neck strap is accented with plated steel D-rings. Our favorite feature is the sliding strap end retainer, which is typical on this helmets and helps to avoid looping and flapping by snuggling up to the strap.

    Pros (reasons to buy)

    Leaner, lighter, and even more comfortable
    Available in many designs
    Easily replaceable liner

    Cons (reasons to avoid)

    Sun visor and accessories should buy separately
    No Expert Review found.
  • BELL Custom 500 Helmet
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    BELL Custom 500 Helmet

    Best retro helmet for Vespa

    4  readers vote
    2  experts agree

    This elegant BELL vespa helmet, which is available in 11 various styles, resembles an old-school motorcycle helmet. The outside shell is composed of very durable fiberglass, while the inside is custom-fit and made of contemporary fast-wicking fabric to keep you dry on the road. Best of all, the finish is quite robust and will most likely endure for years without exhibiting unattractive scratches or fading from use.

    Your field of view will be entirely unobstructed with this helmet. It lacks full face protection and a chin bar, but the trade-off is a full field of vision when riding your beloved Vespa. Another benefit of wearing this helmet is that it is available in a variety of sizes ranging from XS to 2XL. Furthermore, we like the inside cushioning, which is both comfy and breathable. There’s also a detachable liner for simple cleaning between weekend rides or road trips.

    Pros (reasons to buy)

    On request, the manufacturer will provide a warranty and spare parts
    The anti-bacterial EPS liner is multi-density
    There are five sizes to pick from
    The inner lining is removable
    a tough outer shell
    Interior customization
    Views are unconstrained
    Padding that's both comfortable and breathable

    Cons (reasons to avoid)

    Some people said it runs quite small

    What other experts liked

    Its padded chin strap includes a D-ring closure as well as a strap keeper leather D-ring pull for secure wear. The helmet is available in several different graphic designs, so you can choose the one that best fits your style and personality. It’s also great that this helmet is DOT Certified.
    With this helmet, your field of vision will be completely unrestricted. It might not have a full face shield or chin bar, but the trade-off is a complete field of view while you’re riding your beloved Vespa.
  • Vega Helmets Half Size Warrior
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    Vega Helmets Half Size Warrior

    Really nice half Vespa helmet for city riding

    3  readers vote

    Are you looking for a half helmet for riding Vespa? If yes, we offer this Vega Helmets model. It’s no surprise that it’s regarded as one of the finest helmets for Vespa riders due to its high-quality materials and long-lasting design. We enjoy how it comes in a variety of patterns to select from. You’ll also love the fact that it provides excellent comfort and safety without compromising flair.

    This helmet is also available in a variety of sizes for a bespoke fit, and its adjustable dial mechanism provides versatility. This technique is really helpful, particularly for riders with smaller skulls who have a tough time finding helmets that fit correctly. Aside from that, this DOT-approved helmet has Wick-Dri Liner technology, which keeps you dry and comfortable while sweating. To top it all off, it has an optically perfect drop-down visor that provides optimum UV radiation protection for your eyes.

    Pros (reasons to buy)

    There are several designs to pick from
    Material that is long-lasting and provides excellent protection
    Fit is adjustable
    Wick-Dri Liner innovation
    Eye protection is provided with a drop-down visor.

    Cons (reasons to avoid)

    The fast-release chin strap is too tight for certain individuals
    No Expert Review found.
  • VCOROS Motorcycle Half Helmet
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    VCOROS Motorcycle Half Helmet

    Cool half helmet with icc sticker


    Pretty similar to the Vega helmet, this is just another choice in case you want the best half helmet for Vespa. With its technology-loaded design, lightweight half-face covering, and cool comfortable fit, the newly designed VCOROS Rebel Warrior motorcycle half helmet is the perfect solution for motorbike riders searching for a more comfortable and fashionable ride.

    Pros (reasons to buy)

    Many designs with cool stickers
    Lightweight and comfortable to wear
    Removable and replaceable integrated drop-down sun visor

    Cons (reasons to avoid)

    No Expert Review found.
  • SOXON NTNK N325 Mono Open-Face-Helmet
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    SOXON NTNK N325 Mono Open-Face-Helmet

    Cool and stylish color combination

    1  readers vote
    1  experts agree

    If you are a lady Vespa rider, what is cooler than wearing a stylish red helmet on your scooter? Yes, it is SOXON NTNK N325 Mono open-face helmet that is really perfect for your daily Vespa riding.

    Pros (reasons to buy)

    The stylish red color and beige insert
    Futuristic sun visor
    Approved by DOT for 100% legal use
    Sharp looking and comfortable

    Cons (reasons to avoid)

    Some say it runs really small, choose higher size

    What other experts liked

    Good/secure coverage except for the face shield which does not stay up and in the down position lets wind in from the bottom This is not something to use on a motorcycle going 50mph+.
    Robert Levit
  • TORC T1 Full face Helmet
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    TORC T1 Full face Helmet

    Retro in Full Face helmet? Why not!

    1  experts agree

    With style, comfort, quality, and features, the new TORC T-1 helmet is the pioneer in retro-modern design. Classic full-face style is combined with contemporary multi-density EPS construction, outstanding ventilation, a high-quality detachable face guard, and an ultra-plush inside.

    Pros (reasons to buy)

    Tri-composite fiberglass shell
    Two chin and forehead vents with metal mesh intakes on the front
    There are four metal mesh exhaust vents at the back
    Washable antibacterial fake suede lining that is removable and washable
    Cheek pads are removable, washable, antibacterial, and completely contoured
    Cut-outs for speakers
    The Chin strap is padded and has a double D-ring fastening
    EPS with several densities
    Removable anti-fog and anti-scratch protection
    A large eye port allows for more visibility

    Cons (reasons to avoid)

    It is fairly noisy compared to other helmets, but not horrifically bad
    It’s a touch heavier than we had expected

    What other experts liked

    This helmet is lightweight and comfortable, and the wide facial opening gives me the protection of a full face helmet but with much better visibility! Make sure to size down one size! I have never worn a small in any brand helmet, always a medium. I even owned another model Torc helmet in a medium that fit great, but for some reason this particular style is made a full size larger.
    Chauntelle F
  • TORC Route 66 Helmet
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    TORC Route 66 Helmet

    Simple but trendy!

    1  experts agree

    When hunting for the best helmets for Vespa riders, you’ll most likely come across the TORC T50C Route 66 Helmet. It has a classic, ultra-slim design with a nostalgic vibe. Aside from that, it comes in a variety of custom design possibilities, making it your go-to model if you want trendy helmets. The exterior shell is comprised of an innovative thermoplastic polymer alloy for a lightweight feel that adds to the comfort. It also has a solid and lasting feel about it.

    This DOT-approved helmet also has an ultra-sued interior that resembles leather. This is due to its capacity to wick away moisture effectively, keeping your head dry and cool while riding. Meanwhile, cheek pads will add to your comfort, and they are effortlessly detachable so you may wash them anytime you want. When you buy this vespa helmet, you’ll also get a little peak visor to shield your eyes from UV rays and a protective carry case.

    Pros (reasons to buy)

    There are several unique graphic alternatives available
    The shell that is long-lasting
    Cheek pads that are removable
    It includes a visor and a protective carry case
    Capability to wick moisture

    Cons (reasons to avoid)

    - The visor quality need to be improved

    What other experts liked

    It's an excellent choice for individuals looking for a fashionable helmet that also fits snugly and comfortably on the head.
  • AHR RUN-C Half Face Helmet
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    AHR RUN-C Half Face Helmet

    Fun riding with this helmet!


    The RUN-C Half Face Helmet by AHR features a vintage German-style half-face motorcycle helmet, improved ABS shell, and EPS lining to protect your safety when riding chopper, cruiser, scooter, and more, classic appearance always draws attention on the road.

    Pros (reasons to buy)

    ABS shell of high quality and minimal weight
    A high-density buffer layer with a visor that may be removed
    Adjustable Quick Release Buckle
    Ideal for Vespa, chopper, cruiser, scooter, and other vehicles

    Cons (reasons to avoid)

    A bit pricey
    No Expert Review found.
  • MMG 20 Motorcycle Open
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    MMG 20 Motorcycle Open

    Transparent, flip-up, wide-view windshield with anti-scratch technology!


    The US Safety Standard has approved this MMG helmet as DOT Approved. It has a transparent, flip-up, wide-view windshield with anti-scratch technology to keep it safe from damage and wear and tear. Inside this vespa helmet, you’ll discover washable and removable cheek pads, as well as comfy padding all around.

    It has a matte black finish and a lightweight aerodynamic shape. These features make it not only safe but also elegant and contemporary. Not only that but there are four distinct size possibilities. When you buy it, it comes a brand new with its original tags and labels, as well as a care bag.

    Pros (reasons to buy)

    Street legal and DOT approved
    Suitable for street bikes, scooters, dirt bikes, ATVs, and other vehicles
    Available in a variety of sizes

    Cons (reasons to avoid)

    The firm does not seem to provide any form of guarantee on the helmet
    No Expert Review found.
  • Vega Helmets 8529-224 Vintage Scooter Helmet
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    Vega Helmets 8529-224 Vintage Scooter Helmet

    Perfect for scooter rising in hot weather


    This open-face helmet from Vega Helmets has a classic, nostalgic appearance and a lightweight feel. It has the traditional X380 vintage design but with some current updates. A comfortable moisture-wicking inner lining and an ABS thermoplastic alloy shell are included.

    There are additionally 5 snaps for attaching the supplied 3-snap shorty visor and a cushioned D-ring strap. This basic vespa helmet meets, if not surpasses, DOT safety requirements and regulations. It is very configurable, with four various designs and a gloss or matte black finish. It also comes in a range of sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

    Pros (reasons to buy)

    DOT-approved – road legal
    There are six cool designs
    5 Year Warranty
    Classis Retro Scooter Look

    Cons (reasons to avoid)

    A bit expensive
    No Expert Review found.
  • Yema YM-627 Open Face Helmet
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    Yema YM-627 Open Face Helmet

    Aerodynamic ABS Shell with multi-density EPS

    1  readers vote

    The Yema YM-627 professional-grade helmet meets or exceeds the DOT FMVSS 218 criteria. The completely adjustable ventilation system for a cool, breezy fit is one of the helmet’s best features. It also contains an easy-to-use sun visor that can be activated with a simple switch. The inside padding and liners are very comfortable and can be completely removed and cleaned to maintain a clean, fresh interior at all times. It also has a strengthened chin strap and a fast-release clasp.

    Pros (reasons to buy)

    A visor that flips up and can be removed
    Excellent airflow
    Unisex in white or black
    FMVSS 218 Approved

    Cons (reasons to avoid)

    Some report the size is too big
    No Expert Review found.
  • LS2 Open Face Spitfire Helmet
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    LS2 Open Face Spitfire Helmet

    Very cool designs

    1  readers vote

    The LS2 Motorcycle Open Face Helmet is one of the top helmets for Vespa riders on the market today, designed to protect your brain. It has a distinctly spherical form, and we enjoy the fact that it comes in a variety of styles and sizes. From 2XS to 3XL, you’ll find something to suit your head properly.

    Pros (reasons to buy)

    A built-in two-position sunshade is included
    3D laser cut detachable and washable hypoallergenic cushioning for comfort
    DOT-approved quick-release chin strap and secure full metal clasp are simple to open with a gloved hand
    Meets FMVSS 218 requirements

    Cons (reasons to avoid)

    A bit heavy for some riders
    No Expert Review found.

Conclusion: Best Helmets for Vespa

When riding a scooter, you must wear a helmet. If you have even a little accident and your head is not properly covered, you might suffer serious injuries or even death. When it comes to purchasing a helmet, there are plenty of excellent alternatives. However, numerous factors must be considered before making a selection. The evaluations in this post provide numerous excellent alternatives for various kinds of helmets. They also come in a variety of features and fashions.

Most importantly, they are all certified and street legal, ensuring your safety. You’ll just need to evaluate the main elements – such as size, helmet type, and money – to make the best decision for you. Our picks for best helmets for Vespa scooter riding are Bell 500 helmet and Bonanza 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet.

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